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Lin Niu has graduated from China’s top art academy, the Shanghai Theatre Academy, and performed in award winning dance works like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony and the 2010 Shanghai Expo Opening Ceremony

For example, Lin, who recently had exciting performance experiences in “Phoenix in the Spring American Chinese Spring Festival Gala,” and “Together as One” Online Charity Concert, says of dance movies, “Two of my favorite dance movies are Center Stage and especially Black Swan, which inspired me to shoot my first short film, The Dancing Class.

Her short film earned several honors including: Independent Shorts Awards — Bronze award for best student director (female); IndieX Film Fest — nominated for best young filmmaker (female); Los Angeles Film Awards — nominated for first time director; and, Top Shorts Film Festival — nominated for first time director.


Additionally, Lin is no stranger to earning accolades. She was previously the lead dancer in the award-winning dance work “Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix” created by STA School of Dance. Other accolades for “Flying Dragon” include: Original Teaching Drama Award; Silver Awards for the Choreography and Performance of the 9th “Tao Li Cup” (2009); and Gold Work Award at the 7th Chinese Dance “Lotus Awards” Campus Dance Competition.


While Lin’s forte has been Chinese classical dance, she has added even more strength studying and incorporating various types of modern and contemporary styles of dance, explaining: “My advantage is not only my professional knowledge but also my rich experience in choreography and teaching. Learning dance from the age of four gave me a solid professional knowledge, so I am qualified at choreographing dances from Chinese classical dance, Chinese ancient style jazz, contemporary dance, Chinese folk dance, and modern dance. Now, the awards I won for the choreography gave me more confidence. In addition, I like new things and exploring many possibilities. Therefore, I don’t limit my choreography to Chinese classical dance.”

Reviewer quote: “Judging from what she has in store in 2022 it looks like a full plate. Lin has much to look forward to as a dancer and filmmaker as she plants new flags across the US.”