In the creative world there are artists that are talented in more than one discipline or focus on mastering another while working on the primary one. This would be the case for professional classical dancer Lin Niu. Lin has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Her love for classical Chinese dance has enabled her to be a part of many performances from East to West.

Her first taste of performing in the United States was when she sent to represent the Shanghai Theater Academy in cultural exchange performance in Houston, Texas. Later, she took part in the 5D Musicals in the US on behalf of China. This opened the door to her to dance at the Chinese Spring Festival Gala organized by the local government in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

When it came to the performance of “Memory 5D- An Immersive Musical Odyssey” she was selected as the lead dancer in the States. She was responsible for the choreography of three group dances, she also participated as a dancer. This experience not only played a role in learning from it, but she also had the opportunity to meet many famous artists.

Lin would look to broaden her artistic talent and became interested in filmmaking. She was looking to develop dance through film and offering a larger audience which films offer compared to dance venues. Lin drew her desire to pursue her first short film after watching the famous film “Black Swan” which she believed was the best combination of dance and film. She was impressed on how the director blended dance and camera movement into the film.

Her first short film titled “The Dancing Class” which was a learning experience to say the least for Lin. Yet with the help of individuals familiar in this creative discipline she was able to accomplish an amazing work. It also won several awards in various festivals; Indie Film Fest -nominated for best young filmmaker (female), Independent Shorts Awards -Bronze award for best student director (female), Top Shorts Film Festival – nominated for first time director and the Los Angeles Film Awards – nominated for first time director.